Our debt colletion In English

Perintäritari Oy is a debt collection agency, specialized in amicable, business to business debt collection in Finland. We want to help companies in their businesses. When unpaid receivables are collected without judicial action, it is the most profitable way for all parties. Besides debt collection, our services include payment reminders, judicial collection, international amicable collection and arbitration. We have permission to do debt collection and therefore we include debt collection register.

Our vision is to be the most distinguished and most wanted partner in business to business debt collection.

We are small office but we turn it into our strength. We can focus on every customer with a personal approach.  

We help companies to collect their invoices with quality and without compromising the customer’s relationship with their customer. 

Our values

  1. Helping – our most important task is to help both client and debtor to solve their payment and cash flow problems. 
  2. Respect – Clients and debtors are equal from our point of view. Humanity, politeness and a personal approach are our ways to work. 
  3. Responsibility – We aim to reduce the number of people and companies getting into debt in future with our procedures and we therefore contribute to a better society. 
  4. Constant learning – Accurate and up-to-date information concerning our business is a cornerstone of our work. We ask actively for feedback and develop our work towards what our customers want and need.

These values are reflected in our daily doing.


Finance and Governance

Jussi Saarijärvi | 044 588 3969 | jussi@perintaritari.com

Sales and Marketing

Juha Järvinen | 0440 17 2424 | juha@perintaritari.com

Debt collection and Customer service

Veera | 045 271 2577 | info@perintaritari.com

Johanna | 050 543 8356 | info@perintaritari.com

Emmi | 050 369 5533 | info@perintaritari.com